Looking for Ways to Find Free Baby Samples?

cutebabyIf you have  a newborn or a young child you know how expensive they are, and finding free baby samples is a great way to reduce your spending and still get great quality items.

Most people think finding freebies online is a scam, while some sites are scams, the majority off websites offer great free samples from makeup to baby stuff.

The first place you want to look is at the hospital. The hospital will load you up with diapers and formula, you can usually get hundreds of diapers while still at the hospital.

The internet is your other choice in finding free stuff for anything, include free baby stuff. Most freebies like freestuffpl.us have a section dedicated to baby samples. These include everything from diapers, formulas, to contest and cribs.

Now you wont get rich off these freebies, but it will help you cut down your cost substantially.  One great tip is to create a free email address at gmail or hotmail and use that email for all of your freebies, this way you separate personal emails from freebie emails.

One last tip. When signing up for freebies you will have to include your email and address, there is no way around that since that they have to know where to send the freebie. But some times want a lot more information, this is when you hit the back button since its better to be safe then sorry.



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